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About The Founder:

Hi, I’m Georgia. I’ve been a TV producer on top rating shows and have also worked at one of Australia’s largest charities. But by far the hardest job I ever had was helping my mum care for my terminally ill dad a couple of years ago. When I found out my dad was sick, I made the difficult decision to leave my all-consuming TV job, and did whatever I could to bring a ray of sunshine to my dad (and my devoted mum) each and every day. Time after time I saw dozens of friends and family sheepishly visit my sick dad bearing flowers or chocolates, even though they knew these gifts seemed inadequate. Caring Canary evolved because I wanted to fill this hole in the market for thought-out, personalised gift packages. I realise how important caring for people is, and how it’s so easily overlooked in today’s busy, stressed-out society. I want to make it easy for people to show that they care, and for people who are going through a tough time to really feel special and cared for. Caring Canary will enable more people around Australia to do this and will deliver a little box of happiness every day.

Just think, we don’t remember every bunch of flowers we ever received, but it’s those specially thought out, unique gifts that are engrained with us forever. I know it’s not possible for someone to leave work to spend the day comforting their best friend who’s unwell; for a boss to show their employee how much they appreciate their overtime; for a partner to give a hug while they’re away on a work trip; or to spend the day on the couch with your friend who has just been dumped. Caring Canary comes to the rescue when friends, colleagues, lovers and family members need it most.

Welcome to Caring Canary!

You’ve just taken the first step in becoming the best gift-giver, ever! We actually prefer the term care package instead of gift, as a care package can be given in a time of need, not just celebration. Caring Canary will now be your one-stop-shop to send a unique and personalised care package to someone special. Forget flowers or a box of generic chocolates, our carefully curated range of Caring Canary care packages will brighten someone’s day and make them feel special, loved and cared for. In return, you will win partner/BFF/employee/boss/family member of the year by sending such an awesome package; and you can do it in just a few easy clicks.

Your BFF needs some TLC? Great, send her one of our For Her care packages to cheer her up.

Someone just received some bad news? Sounds like they need a Sympathy care package to brighten their day.

A family member is going into hospital, someone special is undergoing Chemo, or a friend is working themselves sick doing long hours? Get Well and Chemo Kits will keep them going.

Your friend is pregnant, or just gave birth, or is deliriously tired from raising their toddler? Our New Mum and New Families care packages will brighten their day for sure.

And for every care package, you get to choose a Caring Card to add that extra special, personal touch.

We are also very excited to announce that we are now Corporate Gift specialists, and have partnered with some of Australia’s leading businesses to create unique, stylish and creative gifts for their clients, colleagues, prospects, vendors, staff and more. We would love to help your business leave a lasting impression so please get in touch today. More information, our Look Book and testimonials can be found on our Corporate Gifts page here, where you will meet our specialty Corporate Gifting Boutique, GIGI AUSTRALIA.

But don’t just take our word for it. Since we launched our care package boutique, our gift hampers and care packages have been featured in leading publications such as The Daily TelegraphBroadsheetBody + Souldelicious. MagazineThe Collective MagazineStartup Daily and The Wentworth Courier to name a few. From our founder’s first hand experience of caring for a loved one with cancer, our unique range of gift hampers have been recognised across the country because they are the most unique, thoughtful and premium care packages in Australia. We have scoured the country for all their favourite things so that you don’t have to – we want to make you the best gift-giver in the easiest possible way.

Caring Canary in The Daily Telegraph

Caring Canary in The Daily Telegraph

Our care packages are filled with tried-and-tested hard-to-find products. We favour ECO-FRIENDLY, SUSTAINABLE, LOCAL and ORGANIC products. By supporting Caring Canary, you are also supporting the other small Aussie businesses we work with:

Wild Healing organic, vegan, cruelty free raw sugar scrubs and moisturisers, which smell so good you almost want to eat them

Marshmallow Club handmade, fresh, dairy-free marshmallows, which are all-natural and made with local ingredients (and are therefore basically good for you in my books!);

Amelia Paper Lane Designer Australian-made, high quality notebooks and To Do lists to stay motivated and get organised

Annabel Trends cosy ‘hotties’ that can be used as a heat pack or a cool pack; lavender-scented eye pillows to calm and relax

Winnow Chocolates exquisite artisan chocolate that’s beautifully packaged. Organic, handmade chocolates in a variety of exceptional flavours.

Ecoya luxe scented soy-wax candles in  timeless glass vessels and colourful gift boxes.

… plus so much more

Here’s some of the great Aussie brands you’ll find in Caring Canary care packages:

Handmade marshmallows using all natural ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It's real food made by real humans.
Amelia Paper Lane Australian-made and designed stationery
Corban & Blair leaders in innovative design