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Get Well, Chemotherapy & Cancer

Chemotherapy care package


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Chemotherapy care package - Caring Canary
Chemotherapy care package - Caring Canary

This care package has been specially curated with items proven to help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, as well as anyone who is unwell or in hospital. When you don’t know what to do, or what to give, you can lift their spirits with a nourishing, bright and beautiful gift box that will help them heal from the inside out.

This gift will nourish them, distract them and help them to relax. We can deliver this gift hamper straight to their hospital room, home or workplace. We do not write the name of the care package anywhere, so they won’t know it’s called a chemo care package.

This care package includes:

Super soft scarf. In a bright and uplifting designs, this is perfect to wear as a head cover, or to add some colour to their outfit.

Pukka Tea. Pukka Teas delicious, organic, herbal teas are hand blended by a master herbalist. These tea blends are full of flavour and rich in therapeutic benefit, making them perfect for someone who is unwell.

Satin-backed Lavender & Flaxseed Eye Rest Pillow. This colourful eye pillow is filled with soothing and calming flaxseed and lavender, perfect to help destress and relax.

MiGoals Progress, Gratitude or Bucket List Cities Journal. An inspiring hard cover journal that includes To Do lists, motivational quotes and planners. This beautiful book is perfect to keep in their handbag, by their bed or on their desk, and adds a touch of luxe with it’s premium paper quality. This will help them tackle one day at a time, and keep their spirits motivated. Plus it’s perfect to jot down all their appointments, test results and goals for the future.

Luxe Body Cream. This moisturiser is supercharged with a unique combination of Probiotics, Amino Acids and Soy Protein giving your skin the daily dose of goodness it deserves.  This light, soothing formula comes in a variety of scents such as Vanilla & Coconut, Coconut & Lime and Marshmallow.

Coco Luxe is a world first premium single origin natural Coconut water. Mother Nature’s healthy hydrator, puts the energy back into tired and exhausted bodies.

Pur Aspartame-Free mints (Mojito flavour). Research shows that mint and citrus candy can help combat nausea, so these mints will be perfect for them to enjoy alone or share with visitors.

Pur Aspartame-Free gum. If they are undergoing chemo or taking lots of medications, dry mouth can be a real problem, so chewing this chemical-free minty gum will help them generate saliva and keep them feeling fresh.

Presented in a deluxe white gloss and gold foil gift box lined with acid-free tissue, PLUS an inspirational Caring Card with your personal message.

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