Georgia’s first ever care package – Q&A

Even from a young age, I remember hand-making cards for friends and family for no specific occasion, just because I liked to give them things to make them smile. As an adult, I loved giving surprise gifts to friends when they needed cheering up or deserved to be celebrated. I remember in my early days of tv production, a colleague (and now good friend) wasn’t at work, she was home sick with a flu. I visited her after work and left a care package on her doorstep with homemade soup, herbal tea, magazines and vitamins…and of course an uplifting card.

She had just moved to Sydney from Western Australia, and she felt really touched that I’d gone out my way to make her feel cared for. Her mum even wrote me a nice message on Facebook! The beauty of a care package is that it makes the giver feel just as good as the receiver, as seeing how a selection of carefully chosen items, and a nice message, can make someone feel special and lift their spirits is a really wonderful feeling. I get a real buzz out of knowing I have the power to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

I created care packages for all occasions over the years. If a friend was moving overseas, I’d create a travel care package. If a friend was going through heartbreak, I’d create a love-filled care package (and invite them over for movies and wine!). When dad was sick, I’d visit mum and him everyday, whether it was at their home or in hospital. Each time, I’d bring a crossword or a puzzle book, to help distract and pass the time. I’d also bring herbal teas and organic moisturisers as chemotherapy dried out dad’s skin. It would also enable me to give him head, foot and hand massages, to bring just a small amount of pleasure into his day and to connect with him physically. I also made little care packages for mum, which included scented candles, chocolates and inspirational books, to let her know she as the carer also deserved being cared for.


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