3 Easy Tips for Self Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has been around for centuries, and each year we are told to go above and beyond to show our love for someone else, usually through gifts, cards and (if we’re lucky) a romantic dinner date. But where did this phenomenon come from? Some believe it originated from the ancient Roman Lupercalia festival, where women were paired with men in a lottery to mark the beginning of Spring and celebrate fertility. Others believe it was derived from the martyred Catholic priest, Saint Valentine, who defied authorities of the time by secretly marrying Christian couples. Whether it was a fruitful festival or a renegade priest, since 1840 when the first Valentine’s Day greeting cards were mass produced, this day now comes hand in hand with many grandiose displays of love for one another.

Don’t get us wrong, we are all for getting your lover, or bestie, a thoughtful Valentine’s or Galentine’s care package (you can check out our range here if you like). Making someone feel special by surprising them with a meaningful gift is the best feeling in the world! However what’s more important than outrageously declaring your love for someone else, is making sure you love yourself first. Use this month of love to practice self love, as it’s only when you fully accept and love yourself, that you can really and truly share your heart with someone else.

Here’s three easy practices that will help you on your self love journey…


No, we aren’t talking about jumping onto The Iconic and having an epic binge. What we mean is that it is OK to invest in an item that will bing value to your life and make you feel worthy. If there’s one piece that you’ve been fantasising about for months (such as ‘The Daily Edited’s’ monogrammed box bag, #love!), allow yourself to be treated to a gift that will make you feel special, deserving and empowered. Rather than mindlessly filling your closet up with items that bring you no joy, curb the spending sista and mindfully choose to purchase one piece that is going to make you feel awesome. Maybe set yourself a goal, and if you reach that goal, treat yo’self to that monogrammed bag. I bet you will take it to every business meeting and feel like a total BOSS LADY each time you use it. Oh, and while you’re at it, get rid of those 10 other bags that have been sitting on the bottom of your cupboard, as unused as a MySpace chat room in 2018.

If material things really aren’t your bag, treating yo’self to knowledge and education is one of the best gifts you can give yourself for self love. We recently read Lisa Messenger’s new book, ‘Purpose,’ and OMG talk about putting a rocket up our bums. This book has so many pearlers on how to find your WHY, how to live a life with meaning and purpose, and how to strip back all the layers so that you aren’t meandering through life with no foundations or passions. We kinda loved it and that’s why we are actually giving away a FREE COPY this month to one lucky customer! If you want to win it, simply order a care package via our website during the month of Feb. Yep, that’s all.

SELF LOVE DAILY PRACTICE #2: Let’s Get Physical.

Before you start envisaging Liv in her 80s aerobic get up, this is not a ‘lose 10kg and you will be happy’ ploy. We are talking about re-connecting your physical self with your inner self, to really appreciate all that you are and what makes you, you! Maybe it’s a yoga class, a walk in the sunshine, a massage or a facial, whatever the physical activity that connects touch with spirit, we want you to know that you are worthy of affection and care. The more you get comfortable with this, the more you will start to appreciate every part of your body for what it does for you each day (even if some areas do have lumps, bumps and wobbly bits). You only have one body, so the more you get comfortable with it, and appreciate the amazing things it does for you on the daily, the more you will come to realise what an  incredibly unique and capable being you are.

SELF LOVE DAILY PRACTICE #3: (Positive) Talk Is Not Cheap.

We love a good affirmation here at CCHQ (if you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed this. And if you don’t follow us on Instagram, come on over, we’d love to have you!). Positive self talk is imperative for self love, so we challenge you to practice this daily. It doesn’t have to be a Shakespearean 12 page sonnet, it can just be one quote or mantra that will set your mindset up in the right frame for the day. While you’re at it, keeping a journal and writing down ONE thing you love about yourself each morning will also help really hit this self love strategy out of the park. So get affirming and writing, you’ll be amazed at how your self talk begins to change and how it will affect your mood, self esteem, perspective on life and overall aura. And we all like a lovely, positive aura.

Love, CC xx