Weren’t planning on sending a Valentine’s Day gift this year? Maybe you should re-consider…

Even if V-Day hasn’t traditionally been your thing, there is no doubt that when Feb 14 rolls around, every girl is secretly hoping for that delivery that will make her feel special.

Here’s a quick and simple guide to sending the perfect V-Day gift:

Send a Valentine’s gift to her office. This a public statement of just how much she means to you (and it will have all the other ladies in her office swooning – major brownie points for you). Our Pamper and Indulge packages will make you seem like the best, and most thoughtful gift-giver ever, as they contain all the things a girl loves and she will be blown away that you’ve gone to the effort to get them for her.

Take her out to a nice dinner…but have a gift waiting for her when she gets home. Every girl loves a romantic dinner out, but take your night up a notch by having a beautiful gift waiting for her when she comes home. Leave the gift on her bed, along with a glass of wine as she walks in the door from work, and she will be on cloud 9 all night. You can thank us later 😉

Send a gift directly to her house, as the perfect surprise for when she gets home after a long day. If you’re away, working late or can’t be with her in person on Valentine’s night, show her how much you care by sending her a beautiful gift. Add an ‘IOU a romantic night out’ card to show her how much you wish you were there (yep, we can do this for you too). Shop out range of ‘Love’ themed gift boxes here, and don’t forget to add in a romantic Caring Card (we recommend the You Are So Special card to make her feel super lucky to have you).

Ladies, don’t forget we have a range of gifts for guys too!