Her Wellness Care Package - Caring Canary
Her Wellness Care Package - Caring Canary

Her Wellness Care Package

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This care package has been specially curated with items proven to help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, as well as anyone who is unwell or in hospital. When you don’t know what to do, or what to give, you can lift her spirits with a nourishing, bright and beautiful gift box that will help her heal from the inside out.

This gift will nourish her, distract her and help her to relax. We can deliver this gift hamper straight to her hospital room, home or workplace.

Happy wrap. Super soft happy wrap. In a bright and uplifting designs, this is perfect to wear as a head cover, or to add some colour to their outfit.

Eye rest pillow. The eye pillow exerts gentle pressure on the eyelids, sending calming messages down the back of the neck to the shoulders and chest, heart and stomach; giving the mind and body permission to relax

Linen Heat Pack. The safe alternative to a hot water bottle! No chance of leaks or burns from boiling water! Filled with heatable/chillable silicon beads the Heat Packs are completely odour free and can be used as a hot or cold pack. Place on aching muscles for effective relief.

Floral Playing Cards. Quality playing card decks, each featuring eye catching floral and spot pattern designs. Studies by various institutions show that card games can improve memory capacity, retention and recall.

Labang Body Luxe Cream Moisturiser. supercharged with a unique combination of probiotics, Amino Acids and Soy Protein, this light-weight formula is packed with ingredients your skin will love!

Mint refresh Pukka Tea. Pukka Teas delicious, organic, herbal teas are hand blended by a master herbalist. These tea blends are full of flavour and rich in therapeutic benefit, making them perfect for someone who is unwell. Featuring organic herbs, this tea is best enjoyed after a meal as it refreshes the palate and may help to aid digestion. This tea is ethically sourced and Certified Organic.

Caring Canary eco-friendly ceramic travel mug. This durable ceramic keep cup will keep her coffee or tea warm during long work hours, late nights at home, on her way to appointments and meetings or even by her hospital bed. Hand wash only.

Prebiotic Coconut Water. Mother Nature’s healthy hydrator, puts the energy back into tired and exhausted bodies. Support your mind and gut with Prebiotic Gut Health Lychee flavour coconut water, fortified with prebiotics. coconuts are sourced from an ethical supply chain, and packaged in planet-friendly cans. Suitable for vegans..

Pur Aspartame-Free gum. If they are undergoing chemo or taking lots of medications, dry mouth can be a real problem, so chewing this chemical-free minty gum will help them generate saliva and keep them feeling fresh

Pur Aspartame-Free mints (Mojito flavour). Research shows that mint and citrus candy can help combat nausea, so these mints will be perfect for them to enjoy alone or share with visitors.

Gratitude Journal. This beautiful book is perfect to keep in their handbag, by their bed or on their desk, and adds a touch of luxe with it’s premium paper quality. This will help them tackle one day at a time and keep their spirits motivated. Plus it’s perfect to jot down all their appointments, test results and goals for the future.

Caring Canary straw. We have created our very own silicone straw. Rather than metal straws, we have included our silicone straw to help combat the metallic taste that can be a side affect of chemotherapy and other medical illneses. Every day we use enough single use plastic straws to circle the equator 2.5 times if they were laid end to end. Reusable, food grade silicone drinking straws are a safe alternative while looking after our planet.

Happy Pen. Push button ballpoint pen made from RPET (recycled plastic bottles). Each pen has a printed message on the clip to highlight eco credentials.

Presented in deluxe gold foil and white gloss gift box, lined with acid-free tissue paper and a handwritten Caring Card


Delivery of care packages and gift hampers applies to metro areas on business days only. Please note that due to covid-19 there may be unexpected delivery delays.

Orders must be placed before 12pm. Regional areas may take longer and unexpected courier delays can occur. Metro cities include Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra. Hobart and Darwin take longer.


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