3 Easy Ways To Implement Micro-Nurturing Into Your Day

We are all about caring here at Caring Canary, and that extends to self-care too, not just caring for others.

It is so easy to burn out in today’s busy, overworked and competitive society. A great way to avoid a disastrous crash is to implement ‘micro moments of nurturing’ into your daily routine. We picked up on this term from Suzy Reading’s new book, ‘The Self-Care Revolution.’ Even if you feel like you’re in a good place right now and not on the brink of an all-out, stress induced melt down, it is important to keep topping up your ‘energy bank’ (thanks for that great term again, Suzy!) so that when you are going through a rough patch, you have enough resilience and self-love in your tank to ensure you avert disaster.

Self-love comes in all shapes and forms. There are obvious practices, such as taking a yoga class, getting a massage or reading that inspiring book that’s been on your To Read list for months. However there are smaller (but no less significant) ways, or ‘micro moments,’ of nurturing that you can very easily and almost sub-consciously include in your day, every day. This will keep your energy bank topped up so when times are a little rocky, you will have enough self-love and resilience to get you though.

Here’s three simple ways to include Micro Moments Of Nurturing into your day:

Self Love from Pintrest 

1. Tell a friend or family member how much they mean to you. A seemingly small act of kindness can have a huge effect on our mental state. Making others feel good will definitely get those dopamine receptors buzzing, not to mention starting a love-filled convo with one of your besties, which will make both of you feel awesome. We recommend sending an unexpected text, or even doing an out of the blue Instagram post, that shows how much a friend or family member means to you. It could be to celebrate an achievement they’ve recently had,  or simply to share with them or the world what an absolute legend you think they are. We were given a beautiful handmade macrame wall hanging by one of our friend’s as a wedding gift. My mood boosting practice that day was doing an Instagram post of her amazing creation, highlighting how talented and thoughtful she was for doing such a thing.  Effort: 5/10. Time: Less than 2 minutes.

2. Wear your favourite outfit. We aren’t talking about spending hours dolling yourself up to the nines. Merely, if you mindfully choose something to wear that makes you feel empowered, confident and badass, you are most likely going to embody those feelings and feel like ‘yes, I can conquer the world today.’ Whether it’s a shirt in your favourite colour, a pair of shoes that make you feel like a rock star, or a blazer that shifts your brain into #bosslady mode, then spend those few extra mindful minutes in the morning to decide that yes, today is a day that you will dress for self-love. See you later trackies (until 6pm 😉 ). Effort: 4/10. Time: Less than 2 minutes.

3. Play that funky music. There are all sorts of studies that show how music can effect our mood, so when it comes to an instant ‘mood boost’ we are all about the tunes. Create a playlist (we recommend Spotify) with all your go-to uplifting tracks. Have this playlist ready to go so that when life might be a little mundane (such as commuting to work, getting the kids ready for school, going to get your morning coffee), have this super fly playlist happening in the background to make you feel like the star of your own epicly cool video clip. We guarantee it will make you feel like dancing, you’re gonna dance the day away. Keep those songs rolling in your mind all day, which will make even the most menial or challenging task seem uplifting. Effort: 5/10 (to create initial playlist, after that it’s a 1/10 to simply hit play). Time: 10 minutes to create your play list ( if you get caught up in the fun of creating the playlist and start singing and dancing to the songs instead of just hitting the ‘add’ button, this could take a little longer)

This blog post was inspired by Suzy Reading’s new book, ‘The Self-Care Revolution’ from Hachette Australia

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