5 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Mood

5 quick and easy strategies to change your mindset for the better. These 5 simple tips will get you feeling happier, healthier and more connected to the world and those around you.

1. Practice thinking and saying "I get to..." instead of " I have to..." and you will see your perspective shift instantly. For example, “I get to go to work today” as it’s a privilege to live in a country that allows women to be educated and earn their own income, “I get to go to exercise today” as many people don’t have that luxury, “I get to cook a healthy meal today” as many people don’t have access to fresh fruit and veg, and “I get to do the school drop off today” as many people are childless who don’t want to be. Start, now!

2. Write a list of all the things you have achieved in the last five years. It's so easy to be hard on yourself because there are 10 345 567 things that you still want to do. But take a moment to reflect on the zillions of other awesome things you've managed to achieve in the last few years. Whether it is getting a promotion at work, nailing a presentation, sticking to your fitness goals, running a PB (personal best), expanding your cooking repertoire, making new friends, starting a hobby, being published, doing a full chaturanga in yoga, making more time for your family, saving money by decreasing superfluous spending, decluttering your garage, renovating your home...the list goes on. Give yourself props for these positive and rewarding moments that YOU have achieved.

3. Help someone. It doesn't matter who, where, when or why. Whether it's an old friend you haven't spoken to in years who is suddenly going through hardship and could do with a message of support, the beggar outside of Woolies who needs a sandwich and someone to chat to them and treat them like a fellow human being, a charity or organisation you've been wanting to volunteer with for a long time, or a family member who could do with a hot meal delivery because they are unwell. By helping someone else, you are making a positive impact on the world that extends beyond your individual self, and and that is extremely rewarding.

4. Go outside. We don't mean a full day of Shinrin-yoku (but if you haven't tried this ancient form of forest bathing, we definitely recommend putting it on your Bucket list). We simply mean taking a moment to leave your desk or home to step outside and breathe in fresh air, feel the elements on your skin and take a moment to look up at the sky. Immersing yourself in the outdoors, even if it's an urban city street, will make you realise how amazing, complex and wonderful this huge earth is, and what a tiny little speck of the whole picture we are. Appreciating all the intricate factors that make the sun shine, the grass grow, the butterflies fly, the clouds stretch, the birds sing and the wind kiss your cheeks, will make your anxieties and stresses of the day dissipate into the ether.

5. And if all else fails....look at cute dog pictures on Instagram! Because puppy's always make everything better :)


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